Outermost Home is a small space that pulls together a mix of art and objects reflecting the colors and textures, feel and spirit of the Outer Cape. Here we seek the nature-inspired and the hand-worked – we value the time-tested and the weather-worn. Here we embody that unique intersection of historic and modernist sensibilities. Inspired by this, we gather artists and makers that deeply work their mediums, show the complexities of process, and reach bold, calming, modern shapes. We are located in the heart of the gallery district, in the east end of Provincetown, MA.
Who We Are

Chris Nagle's interest in design — from art and architecture to products and furniture — is attributed to his father, an art teacher, painter, sculptor and skilled carpenter. Chris grew up in a space that was forever changing, where watching (and helping) his father was a way of life. He developed a particular love for architecture — a fascination with how it both integrates and frames nature, how it functions as both shelter and sanctuary, with efficiency and spirit. This deep interest led him to a career of design/build projects, and he continues his design work alongside Outermost. Chris shares an equally deep love of the ocean and its edge — the light, colors, textures and energy — and has chosen the Outer Cape as home for 20 years. He considers it truly inspiring to be part of a community that shares this fascination, and an honor to reflect it through the lens of Outermost.

Lesley Weller's passion for home decor and design dates back to her childhood in Denver, where she would frequently rearrange every room in the house. She went on to have a successful career in retail and then went on to consumer marketing and advertising that included stints in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Yet she remained most inspired by home decor, leading her to found Home Rejuvenation as a "side hustle" to help time-crunched homeowners create a space that reflected their sensibilities. A new marketing job brought Lesley back to the Boston area (she graduated from Northeastern University) but if pushed, she would probably acknowledge that her primary reason for returning was her beloved cottage in Truro. Every day she marvels at the beauty, light, and grace of the Outer Cape, and relishes the opportunity to bring this to life through the art and objects at Outermost.

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